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JT Adventure Pro Upgrade Kit

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The Rock Krawler Adventure Pro Upgrade for the Wrangler JT is a triangulated 4 Link rear assembly that allows removal of the rear track bar. Eliminates the cross talk of the front and rear track bars greatly smoothing the on highway ride. The Adventure Pro rear also maintains the rear axle perfectly centered through out the suspension cycle and removes the natural suspension bind of the rear OEM 5 link arrangement.  

System Benefits:

  • Complete Bolt in System
  • Excellent Highway Ride
  • Improved Off-Road Ability
  • Bolt In Triangulated 4 Link Rear
  • Eliminates Front and Rear Track Bar "Cross Talk"
  • Greatly Improved Rear Pinion Cycle w/ Equal Length Rear Upper and Lower Arms
  • The Rear Axle Remains Perfectly Centered
  • Allows for Rear Pinion Adjustment
  • Lifetime Warranty on All Hard Parts

System Includes:

  • (2) Adjustable triangulated rear upper control arms
  • (1) Pro-X bolt in rear axle cradle
  • (1) Drill Bit and Tap Kit

General Notes:
*As shown valid for OEM axles only
*If so equipped will require removal of rear shutter shock
*For tires larger than 37" or hard core off-road use, welding of the rear cradle to the axle tubes is required
*Valid for 3" to 5" of lift
*Recommend having adjustable rear lower control arms

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