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JLU 4.5 inch Rockzilla Lite Suspension system

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The Rock Krawler Rockzilla Lite System for the JLU is a state of the art suspension system designed for the ultimate in on road and off road capabilities. Rockzilla Lite features an independent 3 link front suspension with a double triangulated rear suspension. Instant centers and roll centers have all been greatly improved. What sets Rockzilla Lite apart from all the other systems on the market that are similar in style to Rockzilla Lite is, Rockzilla Lite requires absolutely no cutting holes in the tub for suspension mounting points or fuel cell relocation. There is no driving around smelling fuel inside the vehicle nor worrying about how to seal up the tub from the elements. This is a huge benefit to those looking to have an aggressive off road vehicle but maintaining civility inside for driving comfort. This is accomplished by incorporating a center mounted fuel cell that improves the vehicles center of gravity, rear double triangulated cross member and skid plate system for a perfectly smooth bottom in a JLU. The packaging of the Rockzilla Lite System in the JLU is second to none. Once installed the JLU looks like it came from the factory with Rockzilla Lite. Rockzilla Lite features massive 13" Travel 2 5/8 RRD Remote Reservoir Racing Coil Overs up front, 12.5" Travel 2 5/8 RRD Remote Reservoir Racing Shocks in the rear paired with tuned triple rate coil springs. Rockzilla Lite sets up at approximately 4.5" of lift. Rockzilla Lite is designed around axles that have a 70" WMS minimum, wheels that have 3.5" back spacing and 40" tall and 13.5" wide tires or functional equivalent. Once installed your JLU will become an off road Monster! Slight customization of the system is available for power train changes other than stock 2.0T and 3.6L V6 applications. Please discuss all your particular needs with a Rock Krawler Technician prior to order.  Lead times will apply.

System Benefits

  • Excellent highway ride
  • Improved off-road ability
  • Under belly center mounted fuel cell
  • Independent 3 link front suspension
  • Double triangulated rear suspension
  • Weld on long arm mounting brackets with weld scheduling just like OEM
  • Heat Shield thermal barrier products, just like OEM to protect the front control arm joints at the frame
  • 13" travel 2 5/8 tuned remote reservoir coil overs up front
  • Tuned long travel triple rate coils in the rear
  • 12.5" travel 2 5/8 remote reservoir rear shocks
  • The Ultimate in off road ability while maintaining OEM vehicle civility

System Includes:

  • (1) Weld-on front long arm mounting system
  • (1) Heat Shield Products Sticky Shield Kit
  • (1) Front adjustable anti-wobble track bar
  • (4) Double adjustable lower control arms
  • (1) Adjustable front upper control arms
  • (1) Front sway bar disconnect kit (Can be substituted with No Limits Links for Rubicon applications)
  • (2) 13" travel tuned 2 5/8 remote reservoir coil over assemblies
  • (2) Tuned triple rate rear coil springs
  • (2) 12.5" travel tuned 2 5/8 remote reservoir rear shocks
  • (1) Double triangulated cross member
  • (1) Aluminum mid mounted fuel cell
  • (1) 3/16 steel skid plate
  • (2) Rear upper control arms
  • (4) Upper and lower coil over mounts sets
  • (2) Rear extended sway bar links
  • (1) Weld-on rear axle truss
  • (2) Rear brake line relocation brackets

*hardware and detailed instructions

Tire Fitment and Wheel Fitment:

40"x13.5" Wide Tires on 3.5" BS Wheels with Split Rubicon Fender Flares or Functional Equivalents

Axle Requirements:

70" WMS Wide Axles Minimum - Dynatrac XD60 Front and Rear, Dana SpicerUD60 Front and Rear, Currie 60 High Pinion Front/ Currie Low Pinion 60 Rear, Fusion Axles. Currie 60/70 Combo Coming Soon.  

General Notes:

*Approximate lift height based on Rubicon Models

*Designed for standard applications with full size spare - If building otherwise please specify with a Rock Krawler Customer Service Representative during the time of order.  

*Requires front and rear C.V. driveshafts

*Requires welding of the front and rear long arm mounts

*Requires removal of the OEM frame side lower front and rear control arm mounts

*Requires removal of the OEM frame side front and rear upper control arm mounts

*Requires modifying the OEM rear shock mounts and welding of the raised rear upper shock mounts up front

*Recommend installing limiting straps to avoid over extension of suspension components after vehicle is all set up

*Can graft in air bumps front and rear to compliment the system.  We recommend Radflo RK spec front air bumps and standard 2.0" 2" travel air bumps frenched in for the rear.  

*Will require purchasing of some fuel hoses and fittings to complete the fuel system as specified in the instructions

*Will require exhaust modifications and exhaust customization

*When installing, knowledge of heavily modified vehicles is required

*We recommend all welds be done by a certified welder

*Fuel system proper plumbing fitting knowledge is required

*Not Compatible with 3.6L Engine with the E-TORQUE option