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Bronco 3" Adventure System - Stage 2

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The Rock Krawler Suspension Bronco 3"Adventure System Stage 2 is the Ultimate starting point for 6th Gen Bronco owners looking to increase their suspension performance by leaps and bounds with adjustable lift heights from 2"-3" making it perfect for 35" to 37" tall tires with factory fenders.  The RRD 2.625 all aluminum remote reservoir coil overs with FAST CD Adjusters are tuned for a incredible street ride and all out performance.  With the Fast CD Adjusters you can further tune the suspension ride and performance to your liking.  Rock Krawler is the first to introduce multiple spring rates on a single spring for 6th Gen Broncos which help with ride, handling, and off-road performance on the trails and in the dirt.  You will experience 30% gains in dampening capacity and wheel travel.  The hard anodized aluminum bodies cool better than steel counterparts and will never rust nor corrode.  The fabricated upper A arms correct caster/camber settings and account for the increases in travel.  They also have free rotating, service free Adventure Series joints at the frame and a rebuildable quiet control joint at the upright.  The combination of free rotation, rebuild-ability, silent operation, increased performance and overall strength cannot be beat.  The rear track bar bracket repositions the rear track bar keeping the rear axle perfectly centered and raises the roll center to improve handling.  The 3" Adventure System Stage 2 is completely bolt in and reversible.  It is also easy to build upon with other Rock Krawler components as your off-roading desires increase.  Are you ready to bring your 6th Gen Bronco to the next level of tuned suspension performance?  Let's Go!


System Benefits:

  • Complete Bolt in System
  • 2.625 RRD Remote Reservoir Coil Overs w/ FAST CD Adjusters for Adjustable Lift Heights and Ease of Enhanced Tunability
  • 30%+ Increase in Suspension Travel and Shock Dampening
  • Multi-Rate Coil Over Coils
  • Fabricated Upper A Arms with Free Rotating Pivots and Quiet Control Ball Joints
  • Raised Rear Track Bar Bracket to Re-center the Rear Axle and Enhance the Rear Roll Center
  • Amazing Highway Ride and Off-Road Performance All in One Package
  • Lifetime Warranty Coverage

System Includes:

  • (2) Front 2.625 Remote Reservoir Coil Over Assemblies w/ FAST CD Adjusters
  • (2) Rear 2.625 Remote Reservoir Coil Over Assemblies w/ Fast CD Adjusters
  • (2) Fabricated Front Upper A Arms
  • (1) Rear Track Bar Bracket


Wheel Fitment:
  • We typically recommend 4.5" of backspacing on a wheel used with 35" & 37" tall tires

Tire Fitment:

  • 35" to 37" Tires on OEM Fender Flare!

 General Notes:

  • Works on All Models but Raptor Broncos