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JL 4.5" X - Factor X2 Long-Arm System

$5,118.69 - $10,125.60
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The Rock Krawler Suspension JL Wrangler 4.5 inch X - Factor - X2 Long-Arm System is specifically designed for Wrangler owners who want to push their vehicle to its limits with hard core rock crawling. The Rock Krawler X2 Longarm System features an Independent 3 link design front & rear for maximum articulation and off-road performance. Our proprietary design utilizes a double adjustable front and rear upper control arm that upsizes the factory hardware to 14mm, 2 3/8" mounting width and 1" Pro Krawler joints at each end. The arm itself is a chromoly solid steel arm meant to carry all the forces of the suspension. The rear suspension provides adjustable anti-squat with "X2" rear suspension geometry with enhanced rear instant center(s) and rear roll center(s). As you drive the highways or the trails, the system feels stable, safe and strong whether you are running the stock drivetrain or pushing high horsepower through the chassis. We have built the X-Factor X2 system to be the toughest 3-Link setup on the market. At the frame connections of the lower control arms, our "Adventure Series" maintenance free joint is used to cut down on the amount of grease points, and provide excellent vibration absorption and proper joint misalignment when off-road. The combination of high clearance long arms and 3 link suspension geometry lets you dominate the trails.

When we design a system, our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive solution and the best geometry, install exceptional value, and be the foundation for every adventure whether it be on the Street, In tow, or down a Trail!  Thank you for considering Rock Krawler Suspension

System Benefits:

  • Excellent Highway Ride
  • Improved Off-Road Ability
  • Maintenance Free/ High Ability Control Arms Featuring our Award Winning Adventure Series Joints
  • Full High Clearance Design
  • High Clearance 4 Link Long Arm Front Suspension
  • High Clearance Independent 3 Link Long Arm Rear Suspension
  • Weld on Long Arm Mounting Brackets with Weld Scheduling just like OEM
  • Heat Shield thermal barrier products, just like OEM to protect the front control arm joints at the frame
  • 4.5" Rear Clearance Gain from the X2 Axle Bracket System
  • Adjustable Rear Anti-Squat Featuring X2 Geometry
  • Designed to be the Ultimate Compromise between On Highway Handling and Hard Core Off-Road Ability
  • Lifetime Warranty Coverage

System Includes:

  • (1) Weld-on front long arm mounting system
  • (1) Heat Shield Products Sticky Shield Kit
  • (1) Front adjustable anti-wobble track bar
  • (2) High clearance Adventure-X front lower control arms
  • (1) Adjustable front upper control arm
  • (1) Front sway bar disconnect kit
  • (4) Triple rate coil springs
  • (4) JL coil spring correction seats
  • (2) Weld-on rear frame side long arm mounts
  • (2) High Clearance Adventure-X Rear lower control arms
  • (1) Rear upper control arm
  • (1) Rear frame side upper control arm mount
  • (2) Rear extended sway bar links
  • (1) Rear adjustable anti-wobble track bar
  • (2) Weld-on rear upper shock mount
  • (2) Weld-on rear axle side control arm mount
  • (1) Weld-on rear track bar mount
  • (1) Weld-on rear axle truss
  • (2) Rear brake line relocation brackets


  • Bumpstops are included with all shock options

 Shock Information:

  • Generic Front Shock Length – 18.31” Collapsed/ 30.5” Maximum Extended
  • Generic Rear Shock Length – 19” Collapsed/ 31” Maximum Extended

RRD Spec'd 2.25" Shocks: IN-HOUSE Designed and built - 2.25" Fluted aluminum construction, hard coat military grade black anodizing, IFP (Internal floating piston), better bushings to achieve better misalignment, fully serviceable and rebuildable

  • RRD Spec Front Shock
  • Part Number RRD02287
  • RRD Spec Rear Shock
  • Part Number RRD02288

Bilstein Shocks

  • Part Number RRD04050-B51
  • REAR
  • Part Number RRD04051-B51

Remote Reservoir 2.625" Coilover Shocks: Remote reservoir standard, IFP construction, MASSIVE 2.625" shock bodies, fluted aluminum bodies, 1" shaft, 1.25" mounting width, hard coat military grade black anodizing, fully serviceable and rebuildable. 

  • RRD Spec Front Remote Reservoir Coilover
  • Part Number RRD07868RR
  • RRD Spec Rear Remote Reservoir Coilover
  • Part Number RRD07674RR
  • RRD Spec Remote Reservoir (NON-Coilover) Rear Shock
  • Part Number RRD07870RR
Wheel/ Tire Fitment:
  • Sport and Sahara with Full OEM Fenders
    37" Tall Tires (3" Bump Stop Height Recommended) - Recommended 4.5" of Backspacing
    Sport and Sahara with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
    38" Tall Tires (3" Bump Stop Height Recommended)

    Rubicon with Full OEM Fenders - Recommended 3.5" of Backspacing
    37"/38" Tall Tires (3" Bump Stop Height Recommended)

    Rubicon with Trimmed or High Lined OEM Fenders
    40" Tall Tires (3" Bump Stop Height Recommended) Recommended 3.5" of Backspacing
 General Notes:
  • REQUIRES REMOVAL AND REPLACEMENT OF FACOTRY FRONT AXLE, SYSTEM CANNOT BE USED WITH AN AXLE HOUSING THAT USES THE F.A.D. (Front Axle Disconnect) Due to the casting of the FAD being in the exact location the 3-Link weldment would be placed.
  • All lift heights based on Rubicon models for standard style build (i.e., front bumper and winch, rear bumper and full-size spare).
  • XR Package does not require OUR raised rear track bar bracket, the factory axle has a raised rear trackbar bracket, and for OUR systems that do not have a rear trackbar one must be added.
  • If building with a spare delete, we recommend dropping 1” in coil lift height for the rear.
  • If building an overland or heavily upfitted build in the back, we recommend upsizing 1” in coil lift height for the rear.
  • Recommend a new front C.V. driveshaft for all front shocks with max. extended length greater than 29"
  • Requires welding of the Front and Rear Long Arm Mounts
  • Requires removal of the OEM frame side lower front and rear control arm mounts
  • Requires removal of the OEM frame side front and rear upper control arm mounts
  • Requires removal of the OEM axle side rear lower control arm and track bar mounts
  • Requires modifying the OEM rear shock mounts and welding of the raised rear upper shock mounts
  • Recommend installing limiting straps to avoid over extension of suspension components after vehicle is all set up
Drive Type::
Compatible Engine Options::
3.6L Pentastar V6
Fuel Type::