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2.625 RRD Remote Reservoir Coil Over Shocks - WITHOUT COILS

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The RRD 2.625 inch Coil Over Shock's fluted aluminum body gives the advantage of weight reduction without sacrificing strength. Which not only make this shock the lightest in its class, it also provides a surface area greater than most 3 inch bodied shocks. The fluting provides the structure required to ensure the aluminum cylinders are as strong, if not stronger than their steel 2.5 inch counterparts. The shock bodies are also treated with a military grade hard anodized coating so you never have to worry about corrosion. A high quality DU bearing provides the bearing surface for the massive 1 inch UltraBrite Steel shaft. And unlike chrome plated shafts these precipitation hardened stainless steel shafts are bare so you never have to worry about pitting or flaking potentially destroying the seals. While a military grade hard anodized billet aluminum valve circuit with digressive valving controls the dampening, redundant sealing technology that utilizes Viton O-rings and seals keeping the shock oil where it belongs. The shock oil is formulated for fade-free dampening and smooth rebounds. Its high viscosity index and sheer stability controls shock fade. This with a custom moly piston wear band greatly reduces shock body wear.

All these features combine to make the RRD 2.625 inch Remote Reservoir Coil Over Shock a fraction of the weight of the competitions 2.5 inch steel body counterparts and cool twice as fast for fade resistant performance. All RRD Shocks come with a 6 month Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

  • 2.625 Inch O.D. Fluted Aluminum Shock Body
  • 2.625 Inch Remote Reservoir
  • Military Grade Hard Anodized Surface
  • Cooling Surface Area of a 3.0 Coil Over
  • 1.0 inch UltraBrite Steel Shaft
  • Military Grade Hard Anodized Aluminum Valve Circuit
  • Billet Aluminum Valve Components
  • Dual Spring Rate Slider
  • Adjustable Spring Lockout Collars
  • Internal Floating Piston in External Reservoir
  • Serviceable/Rebuildable/Revalveable


  • The shock valving is a standard 60/40 split similar to most other manufacturers. Valving is also similar in selection!
  • All RRD 2 5/8 Coil Over Shocks have spherical bearings with a clevis mounting width of 1 1/4 and a 1/2 inch bore both top and bottom.

Custom Valving:

  • (00) Zero valving or no shims
  • (30) Light valving
  • (40) Light-Medium valving
  • (50) Medium valving
  • (60) Medium-Firm valving
  • (70) Firm valving
  • (80) Extra Firm valving
  • (90) Hard valving

When ordering the first number is always your compression dampening and the second number is your rebound dampening! For example a 40/60 valved shock would be a shock that is Light-Medium in compression dampening and Medium-Firm in rebound dampening.

Available Shock Lengths:

2.625 Coil-Over
6 14.44 20.44
8 16.44 24.44
10 18.44 28.44
12 20.44 32.44
14 22.44 36.44
16 24.44 40.44

Please choose your shock length and valving appropriately. Please note: a separate or solid bump stop is strongly advised and always use a limiting strap to prevent from over extending your shock! This will ensure a long life for your shock. If you have any questions or need any help please give us a call. Our trained staff will be more than happy to help you out to ensure you get the right shock for you.