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TJ 3.5 Inch Trail Runner System - Stage 2

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System Benefits:

  • Built for Taking Abuse
  • 99 Inch Wheelbase (5 Inch Rear Stretch)
  • Race Proven System
  • Independent Three Link Front End
  • Rear Triangulated 4 Link
  • 13 Inch Travel 2.625 RRD Racing Front Coilovers
  • 12 Inch Travel 2.625 RRD Racing Rear Coilovers
  • Allows for up to 35/37 Inch Tires w/ Flat Fenders
  • Allows for up to 37/38 Inch Tires w/ High Line Fenders
  • See Requirements for System Use Below
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
System Includes:
  • (2) 2.625 RRD front coilover shock assemblies
  • (2) Weld in front upper coilover mounts
  • (2) Weld in front lower coilover mounts
  • (4) High misalignment/double adjustable lower long arms
  • (1) Double adjustable front upper control arm
  • (1) Front upper control arm mount (axle side)
  • (1) Skid plate and skid plate mounting brackets
  • (2) 2.625 RRD rear coilover shock assemblies
  • (2) Weld in rear upper coilover mounts
  • (2) Weld in rear lower coilover mounts
  • (2) Double adjustable rear upper triangulated 4 link arms
  • (1) Rear triangulated 4 link mounting cradle/axle truss
  • Requires minimum of 65.5 WMS (JK WMS) with 3.5 inch Backspace Wheels
  • Axles with short driver side tube length can be harder to work around
  • Can be adapted to fit Currie Rock Jock 60's and Solid 60's by rotating the rear cradle into the proper position instead of using the alignment tool provided
  • Requires a SYE with C.V. Driveshaft
  • With long rear uppers, a custom cat back exhaust is required
  • Rubicon Edition TJ's require a new rear driveshaft
  • 2003 TJ's equipped with 4 speed automatics will require removal of the factory automatic transmission skid plate if so equipped to allow for proper front driveshaft travel
  • Requires removal of the OEM rear upper control arm mounts off the rear axle
  • Hydraulic bump stops and limit straps recommended
  • Off-Road Pro long arm assemblies are available at an extra charge for those needing them based off axle configurations
  • Steering geometry sold separately and based on axle configuration and availability (i.e. track bars, drop pitman arms, drag links, tie rods etc.)
  • Long travel sway bars are recommended for at least the rear
  • Requires rear fuel tank conversion such as GenRight Comp Tank
  • Body work required for rear stretch portion of lift
For Example a SKU Number Would Be

TJ35TR-01S2 For 97-02 Wrangler TJ's
TJ35TR-02S2 For 03-06 Wrangler TJ's