LJ 3.5 Inch X Factor Short Arm System

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System Benefits:

  • Complete Bolt In System
  • Excellent Highway Ride and Handling
  • Improved Off-Road Ability
  • Caster Adjustability Through Front Lower Control Arms
  • Pinion Angle Correcting Double Adjustable Rear Upper Arms
  • In Vehicle Adjustable Front Upper Arms
  • Front Pro Sway Bar Disconnects
  • Long Travel Functional Multi Rate Coil Springs
  • Allows for up to 33 inch Tires (OEM Fenders)
  • Allows for up to 35 inch Tires (Flat Fenders)
  • Allows for up to 37 inch Tires (High Line Fenders)
  • Abuse Proof Lifetime Warranty on All Hard Parts
  • Upgradeable to Any Other System
System Includes:
  • (4) Long travel functional multi rate coil springs
  • (1) Front high misalignment/adjustable track bar
  • (4) Adjustable lower control arms
  • (4) Double adjustable upper control arms
  • (2) Pro adjustable front sway bar disconnects
  • (3) Long travel stainless steel brake lines
  • (2) Rear extended sway bar links
  • (2) Front sway bar link straps
  • (1) Front track bar relocation bracket
  • (1) Drop pitman arm
  • (1) Rear track bar relocation bracket made from 3/16 inch laser cut steel
* Includes all hardware and detailed instructions.

  • Requires a transfer case drop kit, or a C.V. Driveshaft Conversion, or a SYE with C.V. Driveshaft Conversion
  • 2003 TJ's equipped with 4 speed automatics will require removal of the factory automatic transmission skid plate if so equipped to allow for proper front driveshaft travel
  • Choose your bump stop lengths after you choose your wheel/tire and fender combination
  • Typical wheel fitment for a 12.5 wide tire is a 15 x 8 with 3 3/4" of backspacing 
RRD Spec'd Prodigy Shocks: 

2.25 RRD Spec Front Shock 
Part Number RRD02299 

2.25 RRD Spec Rear Shock 
Part Number RRD02300

Requires 3" bump stops front and rear 

RRD Spec Twin Tube Front Shock
Part Number RRD04009

RRD Spec Twin Tube Rear Shock 
Part Numbers RRD04010

Requires 3" bump stops front and rear 

Bilstein 5100 shocks:

Bilstein Part #Bump Stop
Front 24-187190 2"
Rear 33-185934 2"


Generic Front Shock 
Recommendation with 2" bump stops - 17" Collapsed to 27" Extended 

Generic Rear Shock 
Recommendation with 2 " bump stops - 16" Collapsed to 26" Extended