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  • Pro Flex Bushings (Race) (RK04838K)

    Pro Flex Bushing (Pair)

    Replacement bushing kit for Pro Flex Joint. These bushings were used in Long-arm and Short-arm and Mid-arm configurations until Early 2018. They are found at the joint connecting to the frame mount on X-Factor arms and at the axle connection as well when...

  • 000 Grade Grease - 3oz tube

    000 Grade Grease - 3oz tube

    Molylube AC 1000 Grease, is an anti-friction bearing grease fortified with molylube solids for effective heavy-duty service. It provides outstanding mechanical and thermal stability to withstand shock and heavy loading found in severe environments of...

  • Flex Joints

    Flex Joints

    The Rock Krawler Flex Joints are forged from chromoly steel, precision machined, heat treated for greater strength, and then plated for a high quality finish. The bushing material used is a high quality poly blend that provides for great vibration...

    $2.99 - $43.99
  • Build-a-Ball Joint

    Build-a-Ball Joint

    How to service the joints:   The Rock Krawler Flex Joints are unique when it comes to service. We do not use or recommend grease! Grease attracts more dirt and debris then it is worth while doing more harm to the joint itself. We simply recommend...

4 of 4 Items