Savvy Off Road LHT Aluminum Rear Bumper

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Savvy Off Road LHT Rear Bumper 07-16 JK Jeep Wrangler. The LHT (Lightest, Highest, and Tightest) rear bumper sets the bar really high with the industry best departure angle, maximum tire exposure, and now with a spare tire cut out for those who want or need to carry a spare.

This full bolt on design replaces the stock crossmember with our all new unit. With it's step up design you gain clearance other bumpers simply cannot duplicate. D-Rings mounts are integrated into the crossmember directly in line with the frame. This offers the strongest pulling point available.

Other manufacturers have you bolt in their bumper after removing the crossmember. This doesn't replace the rigidity and strength lost when you remove the stock piece. The LHT bumper replaces the rear crossmember and then uses one of our bumper caps to finish it off. This gives you all of the strength of the stock frame, eliminates the bumper as a stressed member, and offers unmatched clearance as well.

The kit includes the following items:

  • Rear crossmember
  • Bumper cap (Steel)
  • Grade 8 hardware with washers